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Thursday, September 22, 2011


After over a year of missing all of Dave and Derek's rocket launches, I finally made it out to the "BIG" event.  Annually, there is a rocket launch out on the Salt Flats, in July... thus the name Hellfire.  It is the coolest place to check out... driving on the road to get out there, you just come to a point where the road ends, and the salt begins, and you just keep on driving (no speed limit!!) a few miles out.  
The festivities go for several days, and Dave got out there a few days before me along with Derek, and our neighbors boys.  They would sell drinks and shoot rockets (or make rockets) all day long, and then go back to the hotel (Wendover) and eat the buffet (the boys looooved this), and swim.

Here's Derek and Teagan holding up their rockets (look at the big dogs on the left)

Our friend Stacie & her boys
 Derek getting ready to launch his rocket (the yellow and blue one).
 Dave and Jenna taking a ride out to explore.

Yes, I built a rocket too... it's called Sea Breeze, and it beat out our friend's rocket (beginner's luck).
 My loot -- there were guessing games (how many XX are in the jar, etc), and I cleaned house on them.  I'm not going to lie, winning and treats are two of my favorite things :)
 Out in the middle of NOWHERE, there is an old abandoned piano... There were about 3 keys left on it... all the salt has built up on the sides.  It was very cool though...
 Me and the little pig (aka Jenna).  Do you think her sunglasses are big enough? :)
 Jenna, reinventing the Titanic arms on the back of the 4-wheeler.
Despite the heat, we had a blast!  We had fun with the kids and our friends.  I am excited to go again next year.


Amber said...

So fun!! I love the pictures...adorable! Could Jenna be any cuter!! Derek looks so proud of his rocket. :)

The Hall's said...

So glad you came out!! It was a lot of fun to have you guys there.


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